📦 Fake Amazon delivery drivers are targeting a town in Ocean County

📦 Police have issued an urgent warning to residents

📦 Other NJ agencies are investigating similar thefts

TOMS RIVER — If you’re someone who likes to order things online and then gets excited when the Amazon delivery truck arrives at your door, beware.

Toms River police have issued an urgent warning about fake Amazon employees who are stealing packages from residents’ doorsteps.

The thefts are happening in multiple communities, Toms River police said.

“Several agencies, including ours, are investigating thefts of packages left by Amazon/FedEx/UPS drivers,” the police department explained.

They also said the suspects, wearing blue Amazon vests, are approaching homes immediately after packages are delivered and then stealing them.


The suspects seem to mostly be targeting iPhone deliveries.

While most legit Amazon drivers will use an Amazon van or vehicle to make deliveries, others use their own vehicles.

In these cases, fake Amazon delivery drivers often will come to the front porch or doorstep of a home with a package already there and take it. You may even see them carry a small package to make things look more convincing. But then they take off with your packages.

This is not the first time Toms River has fallen victim to fake delivery drivers. In November 2022, two burglars, one of whom was dressed as an Amazon delivery driver, broke into a house in the Ocean County township, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Across the river in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, thieves dressing up as Amazon drivers have also been approaching front doors and stealing packages.

Amazon package containing a GPS tracker on the porch of a Jersey City home
Amazon package containing a GPS tracker on the porch of a Jersey City home (AP Photo/Robert Bumsted)

Suspects captured on Ring doorbell cameras were wearing surgical masks. The doorbell cams got some good close-ups of the suspects and police in Bensalem and Haverford Townships are working to identify them.

It’s not just fake Amazon, FedEx, and UPS drivers wreaking havoc in several New Jersey communities.

Utility worker scams have also been prevalent, where suspects dress up as these workers looking for a way to get into your house, hoping to steal things.

In 2022, Brick Township police warned residents about fake utility workers going door-to-door claiming there was a problem with their service. They were using distraction techniques for others to enter a home, police said.

The police department has warned utility companies never have employees go door-to-door regarding monthly usage or service bill issues.

Be extra vigilant, and if anyone has any information about the fake Amazon delivery drivers in Toms River, please contact Detective Mastronardy at 732-349-0150 ext. 1346.

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