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Just across the river in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a new twist on a common crime is being investigated by Bensalem Township police.

It seems thieves are dressing up as Amazon drivers to come to your front door and steal your packages.

It's not unusual or alarming to see an Amazon driver pull up in front of someone's house. Most of the time they're in an Amazon van or vehicle, but sometimes delivery people use their own vehicles.

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In these cases, the fake Amazon delivery drivers will come to the front porch or doorstep of a house with a package already there and take it. Often, they carry a small package to make the ruse look more convincing. Then take off with your package or packages.

The suspects captured on Ring doorbell cameras were wearing surgical masks, which everyone has become accustomed to since the pandemic.

The masks make it more difficult to identify the perpetrators, but the doorbell cameras have gotten some pretty good close-up shots of the creeps and police in both Bensalem and Haverford Twps. in Pennsylvania are working the cases.


If you know that you are expecting a package or two and won't be home from work, you can have your packages sent to a secure Amazon drop-off location to pick up later.

You can also have them delivered to a family member or friend that you know will be home. It kind of defeats the whole notion of the convenience modern e-commerce and delivery provides, but in the times we live in, it makes sense to secure your purchases any way you can.

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