Sometimes it’s a police officer who is the last hope of a desperate person ready to take their own life. And in the case of one man in Tomes River, he’s alive today thanks to the discipline and genuine concern for a person in trouble.

Toms River cops were called to a scene at the Tunney Bridge as a man was sitting on the railing facing the water. Sgt. Frank Luria, Cpl. Paul Burkhardt, Officer Nicholas Franco and Officer Brian O’Leary were first on the scene and kept the man calm preventing him from jumping. This gave Detectives Robert O’Neill and Louis Santoro time to get to the scene and talk the man down. Both detectives are trained negotiators.

I want to thank our friend Jillian Messina from the Toms River RD for alerting us to this story.

One more reminder of how integral and important our Police Officers are in the community. Thanks to the Toms River Police Department for everything you do every day on our behalf.

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