I think I have a problem.

Whatever gene gives humans a sense of whimsy, I think mine is missing. I've never adorned my car with anything. I never put a stick figure family on the back window. I never put on fake bullet holes or a suction cup Garfield. I certainly never have (and never will) put those stupid truck nutz on a vehicle.

Some people in Jersey go all out. Fake eyelashes around the headlights has become popular. At Christmas time you'll see a wreath on the front grill. Sometimes a red nose on the front end with antlers over the doors.

But Easter?

This was a first. I assume I'll be seeing more of these. Someone is now marketing bunny ears for cars to celebrate Easter and I saw this in my neighborhood for the first time ever. See, whoever this person is, they have that gene that I'm lacking.

Some quick research (okay Google) shows me that these are available at Walmart, Party City and other places. They come with a bright pink nose for the front end of your car too. I wasn't going to be a total jerk and walk onto this person's property to take a picture.

Easter decoration for car
Photo: Party City

$15 for my car to be the Easter Bunny? You can't beat that! I wonder what I should dress my car up as for Halloween. But eh, I'll probably never do it.

I think I have a problem.

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