We were talking earlier this week about my wife and I considering getting a French bulldog later this year. Especially now that we know our little boy Atticus has autism this breed of dog is said to be ideal for him. A big reason people choose a purebred is they're looking for specific traits common to specific breeds.

For whatever reason you chose the dog you did, have you ever wondered how popular that breed was? Ever been stopped by people on a walk who ask, "What kind of dog is that!?"

From information derived from the American Kennel Club, here are the top 10 dog breeds in New Jersey.

10. Beagle
9. German shorthaired pointer
8. Boxer
7. Rottweiler
6. Poodle
5. Bulldog
4. French bulldog
3. Golden retriever
2. German Shepherd
1. Labrador retriever

Once you have your dog you have to give it a name, right? Here are the nation's top 10 dog names for last year.

For male dogs

10. Tucker
9. Duke
8. Bear
7. Oliver
6. Rocky
5. Jack
4. Buddy
3. Cooper
2. Charlie
1. Max

For female dogs

10. Sophie
9. Bailey
8. Maggie
7. Molly
6. Sadie
5. Lola
4. Luna
3. Daisy
2. Lucy
1. Bella

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