The new "Star Wars" trailer debuted during Monday Night Football last night, and, with it came news that tickets would be going on sale the next day for the December opening. So what did I do this morning? I bought tickets, of course.

The "Star Wars" franchise has really become a bonding experience for me and my sons; I saw the original one (which is now Episode 4) as a child, and took my older son to the midnight premiere of “Revenge of the Sith”. All three of us went to see “The Force Awakens” the night it was released and will be doing the same for “The Last Jedi”.

Not surprisingly, the trailer makes it seem as if the new one will feature Kylo Ren battling with Rey, and Luke being intimidated by someone’s strength (I’m guessing it’s Rey).

Anyway, we’ll be among the first to see it, along with a few million other people.

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