It's the most called out sick day of the year and some want to make it a a national holiday. I'm talking about the day after the Super Bowl and rather than waste a national holiday on something so ridiculous. Bad enough the NFL owns a day of the week, now you want to give them a national holiday? The better idea is to move the Big Game to Presidents' weekend. Here's why....

Part of the plan would be to expand the NFL regular season to 18 games. You can do this by eliminating two preseason games that no one cares about but season ticket holders are forced to buy. In fact the 4th preseason game is so bad that the starters don't even play yet we're forced to pay full price. Bet hey, they can do that, they're the NFL.

If you trade two preseason games for two regular season games and add an extra bye week for each team, start the season the second week in September you can cover the depressing month of January with an extra week to root for your team, then playoffs every weekend the rest of the month. take a bye between the championship games and voila! Super Bowl on presidents' weekend!

What's also great about this plan is that you'll be able to take advantage of all the President's day TV sales. It could even solve an NFL problem. Who wouldn't stanjd for the National Anthem on Presidents Day? Then as soon as it's over, we go seamlessly into pitchers and catchers.

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