A new survey from Office Team finds more than 7 in 10 human resource managers believe the Monday after Super Bowl should be a paid national holiday.

The survey also indicated that 32 percent of professionals have been late to the office the day after. And 27 percent of employees have played hooky the day after the game.

"If that many people are celebrating during the game on Sunday, there is a really good chance that they will be tired and less productive on Monday," Office Team New Jersey manager Dora Onyschak said.

"So instead of having people play hooky, making it an acceptable day off seems to be a warmer feeling."

She says the work still has to be done.

"But being able to be a little bit flexible is great for the employee morale at the office," she said.

"I think that you should talk to your employees, pregame, and talk to them about who may and may not want the day off. I think that being flexible and maybe having a later start time for some people, staggering the start time, might also be an option so that you let people know that you are supporting their work/life balance."

Onyschak says management can also sanction office events before the big game, such as allowing employees to wear their team's jersey or having company contests.

"I think that you need to, as an employee, make sure that if you want to take the time off, that you schedule that in enough advance notice so that your employer can kind of work around that."

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.


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