When viewing Chris Garcia's YouTube video showing a Wawa sandwich allegedly crawling with maggots your first reaction is "ewwww". But your second reaction should be "Huhhhh??", because so much of it is implausible.

The Ewing Wawa in question staunchly defends itself saying that it is highly improbable if not impossible for this scenario to have occurred.

First of all, I've seen maggots on food. They are usually many, many of them. This sandwich looked like it had a couple random bugs strewn here and there. Also, in order for maggots to be found in food, sanitary conditions have to be so bad that food is left festering for a long while to give the larvae a chance to hatch.

This store is so new that it's doubtful that it even had time to leave food out anywhere--no less the amount of time it would take for maggots to spawn. And speaking of the newness of the store, that is usually when you will find the most exacting cleanliness standards of all. That's when employees are fresh from their training and are most meticulous about the rules.

Also, in viewing the video you can see that a lot of that sandwich has been eaten. It would be very hard to believe that that much of that sandwich was eaten before any of these alleged bugs could be seen. Unless you're eating blindfolded, I feel like you would sense something was wrong sooner than that. It's hard to believe that that much of the sandwich was already gone before the bugs were discovered.

And I've been to Wawa. You can watch them preparing the sandwiches right in front of you. Where would somebody have gotten that piece of meat that was so infested?

I'm not exactly sure what kind of investigation Wawa did to doubt the validity of these claims, (they claim they did a "robust internal investigation") but I'd be shocked if these claims were true.

I'm not saying Chris Garcia is lying. I'm saying it's hard to believe, and he's gonna need a lot more evidence than this one video to prove his case.

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