Dandelions! And they are everywhere. I had no idea until I got married and my mother-in-law introduced the delicious green to me. Wow. yes I thought it was strange that she and my wife have actually pulled over during a trip to pick some of the wild weeds. But the minute you add them to a salad...or better yet fry them with hot pepper and olive oil you will get it. You gotta pick the leaves before the yellow flower blooms though! Tender, delicious and abundant.

If you don't feel like picking yourself, just stop by your local farmers market and ask 'em if they have dandelions. For a couple bucks, you won't regret it! Here's a recipe for pan friend dandelion greens that producer Kylie found online. She's a millennial and resisted the idea at first that dandelions were not only edible but delicious. I think we've got a convert!

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