The National Football League has been working very hard to clean up their act. They have noticed the decline in TV ratings and appear to be doing something about it. So far they have changed the kick off rules to further prevent concussions, shortened commercial breaks with announcers telling you exactly how long the break will be, and even began keeping a live box on the screen while the spots are airing. Now they've addressed the National Anthem.

Basically, players will not be required to come on the field while the National Anthem is playing, but those who do will be required to stand and show respect. If not, there will be both league and team fines and penalties. They should have gone further and probably would have, but they're afraid of upsetting their players. The very same players who owe their lively hoods to the league whose stance here is one that some object to.

When you work for a company and wear their uniform on their time, it is your responsibility to obey that company's rules and policies. If you have a problem with that, go to another company. If you are so deeply rooted in your beliefs, then make your statement on your own time. I wrote one great suggestion here.

Regardless of how you feel about the National Anthem protest, the National Football League is a business and business is down. They must do what they can to protect that business and if it means forcing players to respect the flag the way they see fit, so be it.

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