As the calendar turns over to October and the chilly autumn wind begins to blow, it's time to bid a fond farewell to "beach season" at the Jersey Shore. It was a pretty good summer season overall, with our fair share of fair weather, easy waves, and warm waters. But every trip to New Jersey's beaches, every step in the sand, and every breath of salt air is extraordinarily special. Hopefully you have lots of warm weather memories to carry you through the cold winter months ahead!

Due to decreased demand for ocean and tide information during the off-season, the time has come to dedicate our resources elsewhere and put the Shore Report on hiatus.

If a significant coastal storm (such as a hurricane or nor'easter) threatens the Jersey Shore, we will post special reports as needed. (Be sure to follow my weather blog for weather updates all year long.)

The Shore Report is expected to resume daily postings on or around Friday, May 15, 2020 — the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend.

Extra special thanks to Dan Alexander for his enthusiastic assistance in making sure the report was posted every day, with a pretty picture and up-to-date info. Couldn't have done it without Dan!

See you next Summer!