We see another example of just how different the two halves of this state really are. I live in South Jersey and you couldn't walk into a diner, convenience store or supermarket anywhere in our area yesterday without seeing a sea of green and every other person wearing Eagles jerseys.

Every other house on my street had a ton of cars parked out front for a Eagles game party. Travel a few miles north and it was just another Sunday. Nothing! Oh maybe a few die-hard football fans and gamblers watching the game, but not the hysteria I saw over the weekend.

I went into Philly yesterday afternoon for lunch and the crowd was obviously pumped up for the game. Someone even draped the famous "Duck Lady" statue in a fountain on Rittenhouse Square with an Eagles jersey and hat.

(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)
(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)

Of course down in the stadium area there were drunken idiots doing their usual thing with plenty of blood and arrests. This one photo of the many flying around the twitterverse shows city officials greasing a sign pole with Crisco so fans couldn't climb up it and do any damage.

There was plenty of trash talk on social media from North Jersey fans(yes that means Central Jersey too) about how horrible the Eagles fans are. A well deserved reputation for sure. But on this side of the river in South Jersey just a lot of celebration without the blood and uncomfortable incarcerations.

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