So, we got a home visit from Balanced Buddies Res-Q to see if Luna (pictured above) would be a good fit. My family instantly fell in love with her and she seemed to like it, too, but we were a little surprised when the women, Melissa and Elisa, offered to leave her with us for a week to see if she liked us and if we liked her.

Luna is going to get spayed on September 26th, so the rescue is going to pick her up and we'll tell them if we want her back. *Spoiler Alert*: We will want her back.

She is affectionate, inquisitive, adorable, and a delight to be around. Plus, she is part Dachshund and part Terrier, both of which were bred to kill vermin, so the mice are on notice: there's a new sheriff in town! Special thanks to Balanced Buddies Res-Q for being so fast-acting and considerate.

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