CARLSTADT — Operations are back to normal Tuesday morning at Teterboro Airport as the NTSB takes over the investigation of the deadly crash of a small Lear jet on Monday.

The Lear 35 jet burst into flames as it came down a quarter mile short of the airport off Kero Road in an industrial area near the Carlstadt public work works facility, causing fire damage to 13 cars and two buildings.

"I got chills up and down my spine," Paul Kisle, who witnessed the crash from the parking lot of a Quick Chek on Washington Avenue in Carlstadt, told New Jersey 101.5. He said the plane appeared to be "literally upside-down" when it crashed through the area of "wall-to-wall factories."

Surveillance video of the crash shows it coming in at a high speed on its side.

Two crew members killde in the crash, the only people on board, have not been identified. No passengers were on the plane and no one on the ground was injured.

"We are happy to say that none of our facilities, vehicles, or employees were damaged. We are very lucky and our hearts go out to those that were not as fortunate," the Carldstadt wrote on its Facebook page.

The NTSB took over the investigation and will look at the role Monday's high winds played in the crash. Chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow said the winds were "pretty fierce" on Monday afternoon at the time of the crash, blowing out of the northwest and gusting to 37 mph.

"Remembering back to the legendary air traffic control audio from the 'Miracle on the Hudson,' Teterboro's main runway is Runway 1, which a plane would land flying almost due north," Zarrow said. "There's also Runway 6, which would be landed by flying toward the northeast. In either case, there would be at least a partial crosswind."

The crash was the sixth at the airport in the past 12 years. In October 20,2013 a pilot was unharmed when the landing gear of his plane failed to engage. recounted incidents in February, 2005 when a plane taking off skidded off the runway, across Route 46 and into a warehouse; a May, 2005 incident when a plane lost its wind on its approach; a runway collision between two planes in June, 2007; and another plane that caught fire as it approached the airport and crashed into a parking lot along Route 46.

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