I have such a bad habit of saying I'll do something on the air, then regretting it instantly when Jeff calls my bluff and says I should do it.

Today's example came during the hour we were discussing dress codes in schools and the work place. This was in light of a West Milford girl who mocked her school's dress code with her yearbook quote.

We have had these "Jersey Girls Rule" short shorts at the station for what seems like years now. They are very small and, you guessed it, extremely short. I said I'd wear the short shorts by our boss EJ's office to see if it's allowed at the New Jersey 101.5 studios. Turns out he had no issue!

But one unsuspecting coworker did. A coworker I don't know well happened to be walking past me with these ridiculous shorts on. The body language said it all. He went out of his way to shield his eyes, and I'll be honest... I don't blame him.

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