The driver of a pickup truck that sank in the Toms River after ice under it gave way March 1 has been charged with animal cruelty and the truck recovered.

The pick up truck police say Andrew Mayer drove on to the Toms River is pulled out of the water. (Ocean County Freeholders)

Andrew Mayer, 27, has been charged with one count of third-degree failure to provide proper care by recklessly endangering an animal's life, by the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after her allegedly took the vehicle onto the frozen river surface.

Mayer survived but his 2-year-old boxer mix, Rolo, remained trapped in the truck.

New Jersey State Police charged Mayer with criminal mischief, pollution and reckless driving last week.

New Jersey State Police and U.S. Coast Guard members used four inflatable devices to bring the truck to the surface and towed it along a boat ramp near Motor Road in Pine Beach this morning.  Rolo was taken from the truck and is undergoing a necropsy.

Mayer also told a judge today he will represent himself in court according to the newspaper.

The pick up truck police say Andrew Meyer drove on to the Toms River is floated towards a dock (Ocean County Freeholders)

More than 100 first-responders, including State Police with helicopters, Coast Guard crews, six police departments, and volunteers connected to rescue and cleanup.

If he is prosecuted, NJSPCA is likely to seek recovery of all associated costs from Mayer, according to information given to Townsquare Media New Jersey.