Summer in New Jersey realistically lasts ten or eleven weeks depending on when kids get out of school. When more than half of those weekends have rain and unpredictable weather, it's really not enough time for people to maximize their family time and for businesses and towns relying on day-trippers and weekly renters to hit the necessary revenue for the season.

September is arguably one of the nicest weather months in New Jersey with great temps, warm ocean and fewer out-of-state tourists coming though. Let's extend the Jersey summer for Jersey residents. How about we send the kids back to school in the middle of September? Starting later would allow families to take advantage of a longer break. Local shore businesses would benefit, local town revenue from beach tags would rise and homeowners could take in a couple more weeks of rental income.

Our kids are in school too long as it is. New Jersey schools are terrific for sure and my wife and I chose public school for our kids. But the last couple weeks of school are a complete waste of time.

So shorten the school year to a minimum of 170 days, and begin right around the end of official summer - this year September 22nd. We are a unique state, let's follow our own rules that benefit the maximum number of New Jerseyans. Shorten the school year and extend the summer. Think of the benefit to commuters to have an extra couple weeks without the buses...just sayin', think about it.

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