Humans need social interaction. We’re not robots and we can’t just be turned off. We need to shake hands, embrace and laugh with friends. Other states are opening up, some countries provided a better example through this pandemic and never closed. Regardless of staying open or closing, the virus still killed and then flattened out.

The virus didn’t take away your job and put you essentially under house arrest. Your government did that. The models used by government were all wrong. Millions did not perish. Most people who got the virus were just fine. The crisis among vulnerable people is real. The crisis in our nursing homes is real. The policies enacted which cost lives will need to be discussed and debated over the next few months and years.

But regardless of the debate that we’ll need to start before the virus and flu come back in October, it’s time to get back to work and play! We’re ready to announce our first LIVE event. We’ll be back on stage in June!

Isn’t it time to laugh? And get out of the house? Join me and my podcast co-hosts, Comedian Jay Black and Jessica Gibson, plus comedian Troy Moore and some special guests for a great night of comedy at the Comedy Cove in Springfield, NJ. For more info and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

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