What a disaster NJ Transit has become.

Even beyond the fatal accident in Hoboken on Thursday, there's the plain fact that NJ transit is inefficient, incompetent and now dangerous.  Unlike great examples of efficient transportation systems around the globe, the London Underground is a great example, then the private entities in Hong Kong and Tokyo where the transit companies are profitable and delays are measured in seconds...that's right seconds.

Things that are critical to our lives and livelihood, like food and shelter are not left to the government to manage and distribute.  Why is transportation then left up to the incompetence and inefficiency of government?  This is the same government that spends more than it takes in, NJ Transit is very good at this, spending nearly twice the revenue from ticket sales.

Can you imagine a private company getting away with telling the federal government they were going to have to wait on critical safety upgrades because it just wasn't practical to implement?

Now we don't know exactly what caused the crash in Hoboken yet but there is no question that politicians and bureaucrats need to be held accountable for the inefficiency, incompetence and dangerous lack of improvements.

This is not about money.  It's about allocation of resources.  Since the NJ government can;t seem to figure out just how to do this...TTF anyone? then let the private sector come in and manage our transportation effectively.  Let's not wait for the next commuter's funeral to realize that NJ Transit has to go.