First we brought you 10 signs you're from South Jersey. To be fair we then gave you 10 signs you're from North Jersey. Of course I knew what would happen. Email would start coming in. "Hey! What about CENTRAL Jersey!"

If you're a loyal listener you know my stand on this. I'm in the minority, but I reject the notion that there has to be a Central Jersey. If I'm asked to buy into this concept, I can play along. So we challenged our listeners on Friday's show to come up with their own signs you're from Central Jersey. Here's some of what we heard. Are these weak or strong? Do they disprove or prove there indeed is a Central Jersey?

You're from Central Jersey...

  • If 195 is part of your daily commute.
  • If you migrated from Staten Island or Brooklyn.
  • If you pronounce the state capital as Tren'on.
  • If you drink Rook coffee.
  • If you ever ran into Bruce Springsteen.
  • If you used to receive both New York and Philadelphia broadcast tv stations.
  • If you know what fat sandwiches and grease trucks are and that one came from the other.
  • If you eat pork roll but drink wah-ter.
  • If you don't say you're going "down the shore" but rather "to the beach."

Okay, so those were better than I thought we'd hear. But you tell me. IS there REALLY a Central Jersey? Take our poll.

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