TRENTON — If anything outraged the people of New Jersey more on Saturday than the closure of state beaches and parks for the government shutdown, it was the news that Gov. Chris Christie's family would be the only ones allowed on Island Beach State Park.

"If it is shut down, it should be shut down for all," reader Rita Marie commented Saturday on our story. It was a sentiment shared by many.

And it wasn't the first time a Christie family vacation caused a hubbub. Remember their trip to Disney World during the December 2010 blizzard?

Nevertheless, Christie was unapologetic Saturday about taking advantage of one of the perks of his office — the gubernatorial beach house and guest house on the Ocean County barrier island.

His response to people upset about his family's decision to go ahead with their plans? "Run for governor and you can have a residence there," he said. A day earlier he pointed out that his family would not be taking advantage of any "services," such as lifeguards on the beach. Although, his family would still be protected by the State Police.

Here were some of the (profanity-free) responses to our article:

"Not using any services? Who is paying for the electricity in your beach house, or did you turn it off?" — Carol Eunice Sharp Basile

"The arrogance amazes me.. All I can say folks is REMEMBER this crap come election time..any politician that is in bed with this clown gets the BOOT!!" — Rich Meade

"We are nothing but turds to these politicians!" — Frank Eureyecko

"Real Class Act governor! You are so kind as not to request services like the little people would need. Horrible example you are setting." — Laurie Overaker

"I would never disrespect our Governor and say anything negative. Out of respect for his constituents he should have forgone his beach visit. If the New Jersey public can not use a Stare Park then the Governor & his family should also abstained." — Amy Darrow Prokop

A few readers had some suggestions.

"Everyone in NJ should get in our cars and drive down to Island Beach State Park today! We can all be guests of the Christies and use his services!" — Marie Kowalec

"I live in South Carolina. Ya'll come on down! All our parks and beaches are open for the 4th of July! Spend your time and your money down here. We'll be lookin' for ya!" — Margaret M. Bianco-Merrick

For others, this was a perfect time to debate why Jersey beaches charge entrance fees anyway.

"Why does the government control our beaches in the first place? Did they make them? Idiots on here should be more outraged we pay taxes while we still have to pay $8 or more a day to go on the beach?" — Andrew Smith

"It's un-American for the police to block tax paying citizens from accessing the beach because politicians can't do their jobs! They should be punished, not us!" — Mike Kuhn

What do you think? Should the Christies and their guests have canceled their beach house plans out of solidarity with the people of New Jersey?

Take our Twitter poll and share your thoughts.

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