I saw this on Facebook and I couldn't resist looking at it. As someone named Jeff (or the dreaded full name, Jeffrey) I have one of those names that was in the top 10 of popularity when I was born but has fallen steadily out of favor ever since. Which clearly means someday I will have one of those 'old man names,' like Herbert, or Ralph. Someday when you hear my name, you'll know without a doubt I'm a geezer.

Follow this link to find out what the most popular names were the year you were born. It starts all the way back in 1915 and goes right through 2015. It's no surprise that names like John and William had staying power since they were so ordinary. More interesting to see names like Kimberly start to crack the top 3 in 1966 and Jennifer being there for the first time in 1969. By the 70's your were seeing names like Michael, Jason and Christopher for boys and Melissa and Jessica for girls. By the 80's Ashley and Brittany were tearing up the charts. By the 90's Jacobs and Emilys were showing up.

Now if this were done strictly in New Jersey the results obviously could be different. For example Forbes told us last year boy names that made the top ten nationwide included Benjamin and William and girl names included Evelyn and Emma. But here in Jersey last year names like Ethan and Dylan were popular for boys and Isabella and Emily were in the top ten for girls.

All I know is a nursing home orderly is someday going to be screaming the name Jeffrey into my deaf ear telling me it's time for my pills.

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