CUTTS GRANT, N.H. — The search for a Brick lawyer not seen since the beginning of July is being ramped down deep in the forest near the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Lt. Bradley Morse of New Hampshire Fish and Game told New Jersey 101.5 that after a search ending 10 p.m. Monday, "We came up with no new leads, no new evidence, no new leads as to where he might be."

"It's a huge area. We've searched all the trails, all the mountain peaks, all the valleys, all the drainages in the area."

Morse said they are considering flying a drone through the area as part of their search.

Gregory Auriemma’s brother Kevin is resigned to the fact that search will likely end by the end of the week.

Gregory Auriemma (NH Fish & Game)

"They're not going to send people out into the woods every day to keep searching for him. At some point they're going to say, 'Hey, we did what we could be do, our resources are limited," Kevin said. "It's not like they have endless manpower and endless money."

Kevin and his brother, Ed, and Ed's son searched the lower end of the Dry River riverbed where Gregory Auriemma was supposed to fish.

"It was pretty obvious that between log jams and rocks and twists and turns, the probability of a body going 5 miles downstream."

The area was heavily damaged five years ago by Hurricane Irene with trails never recovering from being washed away, making the area steep and treacherous.

Booth said the the Forest Service and the Appalachian Mountain Club routinely patrol the trails and will keep an eye out for the 63-year old.

Despite the call by the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club for experienced hikers to help with the search, Booth discouraged them from making the 400 mile trip and said hundreds of people have already been on the trail over the July 4 holiday. "This is a vast area that gets a lot of usage," Booth said.

"To effectively search, you're going to have to be bushwhacking through the woods, which we've been doing. I would definitely discourage people from doing that. Its going to lead to injury and more people getting lost."

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