Another great bar holiday came and went as St Patrick's Day was spent in New Jersey with 35% restaurant capacity and no drinking at the bar.

Small consolation that tomorrow (Friday, March 19) the capacity will rise to 50% with still no drinking at the bar in New Jersey.

Pity our governor, whom I assume is Irish, couldn't have done this last week to give bar owners a chance to see some green at the register on the most Irish of holidays. But he did wish us good health.

The health of restaurants in New Jersey comes from the bar. Gene Nagel, who owns Scotty's Steakhouse and Comedy Cove in Springfield told me, "75% of their liquor sales come from people sitting at the bar."

In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf has announced easing restrictions on April 4 with 75% capacity and drinking at the bar. What's the problem with drinking at the bar? If you socially distance the stools and you're wearing a mask same as sitting at the tables you should be allowed to sit and drink.

But alas, if "Cheers" were in New Jersey, Cliff and Norm would be stuck at home where nobody knows their name. I say we raise a glass to all the Cliffs and Norms and bars in New Jersey and the great things about them we miss. Salute!

Some of New Jersey's favorite bars

In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf has announced easing restrictions on April 4 with 75% capacity and drinking at the bar. Maybe that will happen soon in New Jersey too. But while we're not allowed to sit at the bar still here, Trev wanted to know your favorite bar that you miss sitting at right now. He asked that to his Facebook following, here's some of what they came up with.

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