When you think of "Rudolph," you think of snow and ice, Christmas, The North Pole, and the jolly guy in red (Santa...not Big Joe...this time!).  But, what does "Rudy" do when he's not leading Santa's sleigh? Or starring in Christmas TV specials?

The above road sign is proof-positive that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer likes to "get away" from the frigid North Pole from time to time!

And, what better a place to travel to than New Jersey!

Lets face it, we have a glut of deer for Santa's pal to talk to...and play with!

I'm guessing that, like our on-going Summer Olympics, Rudolph, and Comet and Blitzen and the rest of the gang are here for the "Summer Reindeer Games." 

Jersey drivers beware!

I'm just saying...