If you have an opinion that doesn't side with a cop, then you're anti-cop and if you side with the police, then you're always pro-cop. I'm pro-justice and pro-truth.

Take for instance the episode from a few months ago in Hopatcong.

A police officer slapped a wise-ass wearing a bunny suit blowing an air horn in the face in the lobby of the police station. We all thought the guy was acting like a jerk-off and deserved a smack in the head, but you can't do that....civilian or police officer.

I don't know the officer. He may be a wonderful human being, however his actions were not what we expect from police officers. He pleaded guilty and was given the same fine as the idiot in the bunny suit, as reported by an article on NJ.com.

According to state law, he should have lost his job, but the judge granted a waiver and he stays in.

I get it. He's been a cop for 20 years. I don't know if he's been in trouble before. Let's assume he hasn't. So you wouldn't want him to lose his job for one simple idiot that deserved a smack, right? Let me ask you this question after you see the video.

Would you want a guy with this temperament coming to your house or an episode involving your family in a tense situation? Just asking.

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