So, I'm in the little boy's room at New Jersey 101.5


The facilities are fully stocked, I notice.

I've been absent-minded-ly looking at the...ummm...paper product (above).

I turn away, and then do a double take, as it hits me:

The pros are...on a roll. (Craig Allen photo)

Toilet Paper is "professional" grade?

I've (not) been "squeezing the Charmin" for years...

...and have never noticed "professional" T.P.

Til now.

Not professional. Recycled, and resolute. (Craig Allen photo)

I guess, I've always just been an...amateur.

Amateur T.P, and Santa-approved T.P. (Craig Allen photo)

You, too...probably.

Aren't you glad that toilet paper isn' it was a year ago.

Something to "New Jersey's Greatest Hits"...

"Professional" and "apprentice?" (Craig Allen photo)

..."roll" on...on New Jersey 101.5 and here at!

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