If you didn't buy more "Forever" stamps at 50 cents each by Sunday, you'll shell out a nickel more for each one of them when your post office re-opens on Monday.

The cost of mailing a first class letter rises to 55 cents. How else can you deal with the increase, New Jersey?

Whatever combination makes 55 cents. Forever stamp = 55. (Craig Allen photo).

Go through drawers for unused postage stamps!  Isn't that almost the same as "free?" It also makes for a colorful envelope.

Remember: If the envelope doesn't have 55 cents postage on it ... it will come back to you for postage due. But ... doesn't it cost the post office more than the 5 cent difference to return the envelope for 5 cents?  Sorry ... just thinking out loud.

Click here for the new postage rates.

BEWARE! More than just the first-class mail rates are going up!

New Jersey was the subject of a stamp when first class mail cost a nickel...not the increase:

"First Day Of Issue" from my Grandfather's collection, with his custom artwork. (Craig Allen photo).

This New Jersey stamp commemorates the 300th anniversary of the English colonization of the state.  It shows Philip Carteret landing at Elizabethtown, in front of a map of the Garden State. The design is taken from a mural by Howard Pyle, in the Essex County Courthouse in Newark.  First day of issue: June 15, 1964, in Elizabeth New Jersey.

Remember: add this New Jersey stamp, or its equivalent, tomorrow.

And, each day until the next increase.

If it helps ... everyone pays more ... not just New Jersey.