Yes, I love bacon. The only thing better than bacon is a thick cut pork belly slow roasted for dinner. It's a cheap cut of pork that you can buy from the meat section in your supermarket.

Simple recipe:

  • A little bit of olive oil in a baking pan
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper, garlic powder and brown sugar on both sides of the pork
  • Cook low and slow, about an hour plus at 275

Then make a simple slaw:

  • Shred some cabbage (green and red if you have it) and carrots
  • Put in a mixing bowl
  • Add a cup of mayo, some mustard, celery seeds, celery salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar and mix. (You can add a little sugar, but not necessary.)
  • Toast a potato roll.
  • Slaw on one side, your favorite jarred pickles on the other and pork in the middle.
  • When the pork comes out of the oven, chop it up and make sure you remove any bones (Yes, sometimes with the rough cut belly there are bones).

This will become one of your favorite sandwiches very fast!

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