President Trump was right to tell the Philadelphia Eagles: thanks, but no thanks. The Eagles were invited to the White House as a part of the modern tradition of Presidents extending an invitation to the Super Bowl Champions. The Eagles however, showing no class, played games with the invite citing a training schedule that they wouldn't interrupt so only a handful of players would attend. The President said nope. But he keep the invitation for the fans invited to the White House to join him for a celebration of our military and the National Anthem.

The Mayor of Philly in a fit of rage railed on the President as "scary" and voiced concerned that Trump has access to the "nuclear codes". Eagles owner Jeff Lurie has a history of anti-Trump comments reportedly using expletives. This is not about kneeling. This is not about the Anthem. Nor is this about patriotism or support of our military. This is yet another reflection of immature, entitled elitists pushing their politics ahead of a simple ceremony where politics and entertainment can mix for a few minutes. Shame on the Philadelphia Eagles for playing games with the invitation. Shame on the Mayor for spouting off about nuclear weapons and North Korea. Shame on the players who are so arrogant and entitled that they felt compelled to reject the traditional invitation from the sitting President. Shame on the Philadelphia Eagles organization for blaming President Trump for their immature and misguided political stunt.

I'm happy to see we have a President who won't let himself be intimidated by agenda-driven detractors. And as far as Eagles least they haven't really jumped into the fray. Instead, although they are often pilloried by other cities and the media for being out-of-control, they are the only ones acting like adults in the City of Brotherly Love.

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