Typical politicians. Splitting the baby.

Instead of making the important change of eliminating the PARCC testing from New Jersey teacher evaluations, the NJEA and Gov. Phil Murphy simply reduced the percentage. Instead of impacting 30 percent of a teachers evaluation, the PARCC test now will count for 5 percent.

Why would it count for anything? Think about the diversity of kids taking the test. Think about ESL kids and the kids from areas who don't have the same education opportunity at the grammar school level as others. It's one thing if the federal government wants to mandate a standardized test to set a bench mark for funding. It's another to have hardworking NJ teachers subject to an arbitrary standard that may not reflect at all on the core curriculum being taught in their classroom.

Too bad we have a governor who lacks courage to stand up and do what's right. Too bad we have yet another governor willing to sacrifice NJ working and middle class families on the alter of his own ego and ambition. Who speaks for New Jersey?

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