After being a no-show for voluntary workouts, Chris and Dan question whether Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham is a leader or if this is just the media making a big deal over nothing. Even though it is a "voluntary" workout, does Odell need to lead by example?

The guys discuss whether NJ legislators should have their hands in daily fantasy sports betting. Will Gov. Christie, an avid sports fan himself, bring the VETO down on it? Or should one-day fantasy sports like Draft Kings and others, not be taxable in the Garden State?

LeBron James was recently taunted mercilessly by a fan. Dan thinks it's hilarious but Chris says fans are going overboard. In an unrelated event, a young fan has a baseball taken away by security after another fan grabs it while still in play. Did security overreact or is this more bad fan behavior?

Then, yes once again, it's another round of the "Mets Misery Minute," where we take a look at what has been happening with the Mets since our last episode. We'll gauge where Dan's faith is on the scale this week that his favorite team from Queens can still make it into a respectable season or not. Is Dan ready to abandon the season yet or is their a glimmer of hope?

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