There's arrogance, then there's this woman.

Some (no adjective exists clean enough to write here) woman was a passenger on a Trenton-bound NE corridor train Wednesday night. So was her purse. On a over-crowded, standing room only NJ Transit train, this woman felt her bag deserved its own seat. She's sitting in a row of three seats, occupying seat 1 and her bag purposely placed on seat 2. In this video courtesy of Thaedra Frangos, you'll see a horrified looking guy in seat 3 who clearly doesn't want to be anywhere near this awkward situation.

Awkward because the woman was challenged and it was all caught on video. People are heard excoriating her to get her bag off that seat so one more person could sit down.

She doesn't just refuse. She comes back with genius witticisms such as, "I don't want your bed bugs" and "I don't want your smell" telling at least one passenger they were "disgusting." She even has the audacity to bark at another woman, "You're not disabled! You're not pregnant!"

Something tells me even if she were, this woman would still not have offered the seat.

Finally an official comes and tells her to move her purse and she still won't do it. You'll be happy to know this ended with the woman being told she'll have to answer to Transit police at the next stop, where she then got off voluntarily.

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