TRENTON —The infamous marijuana activist who runs a self-declared cannabis temple and restaurant across the street from City Hall was captured on video hitting two men in the head with a fire extinguisher at this eatery on Friday.

Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion says he was acting in self defense against people who had "ambushed" him. He has not been charged with a crime.

A video clip posted shared by Forchion opens to a commotion. Forchion is seen gripping a red fire extinguisher and hitting two men. It is not clear from the clip what started the incident.

In a video clip shared by The Trentonian, a man who Forchion hit twice in the head ends up slumped on the ground. Forchion continues to hold the extinguisher defensively and the commotion continues.

Forchion told New Jersey 101.5 via email that one of the men he hit "was armed with my Hookah," which he used to hit Forchion. A hookah is a device with a water bowl and hose used to smoke flavored tobacco.

"He was hitting some else at the time I first hit him," Forchion said.

Ed Forchion said he hit this man with a fire extinguisher because he was hitting people with a hookah. (Video still from Ed Forchion)

In a video that The Trentonian said was posted to Forchion's Facebook page, he said he was "ambushed" at the The Joint and was defending himself and his business. He apologized to customers who witnessed the incident and called it an "aberration." The apology video is no longer on Facebook.

Forchioin told he was “embarrassed” he lost his cool but was defending himself and his employees.

Trenton police on Tuesday did not return a request for more information about the incident.

Forchion was released from jail in 2018 after all charges were dropped stemming from a March 2016 raid on his restaurant.

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