Are we living in some kind of a sick joke in New Jersey?

NJ Transit's completely incompetent leadership, which hurts the hard working engineers, conductors and crew members trying to deliver service to NJ commuters, think they deserve a raise. And some actually got one.

That's right, delays, cancellations, crew shortages all adding up to a failing system fueling customer frustration and outrage equal a pay raise? You've got to be kidding.

The reasoning is that with some staff layoffs, some people got more responsibility? How about we reward people on results instead? And the results are terrible. It's time to monetize the assets of NJ Transit. Trains, real estate, everything. Sell the assets and bring in a skilled management/transportation company to get the trains running on time again.

NJ Transit used to be a shining example of public transportation. Now? It's a disgraceful mess doing a daily disservice to it's employees, taxpayers and certainly commuters.

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