Recreational marijuana is coming to New Jersey.

But towns throughout New Jersey have been lining up to make it illegally locally, or to restrict how and when it can be used, sold or possessed. A New Jersey 101.5 tally puts the total at at least 50 that are saying "no" to legal pot in one way or another.

And another, not yet on the list, is reportedly mulling a ban: Atlantic City.

"Jim, wouldn't you think that Atlantic City is where morals go to die," Patrick Lavery asks Jim Gearhart on this week's  Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google Play.

But hey -- legal marijuana could open up the door to finally having some legitimate pot sales in the city limits. Atlantic City has certainly seen its share of the illicit kind.

Though with excise taxes sitting on top of sales taxes and other fees, the market for legal marijuana may not be so attractive as the one underground.

"The users are going to find out they can get it much cheaper on the illegal market," Jim says.

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