An unnamed sub in Montville, Morris County, went on a rant last week about how Santa Claus isn't real. She was telling this to a class full of first graders! The six year-olds were also treated to lectures on the Elf on the shelf, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Teachers are routinely chastised or fired for Facebook posts, outside activities, illicit affairs, etc. What could be more outrageous and a clear signal that you shouldn't be around 6 year-olds more that telling them all that Santa isn't real and that their parents buy all their presents? I generally don't care about teachers activities outside of the classroom or their stupid posts on social media, but this is so out of bounds and disgusting.

I guess she spent too much time in her little leftist, secular, academic bubble and not enough time in the real world with real people and small children. No decision has been made on whether or not she'll be permitted to sub at the school anymore. There are all sorts of people, for various reasons, that are not allowed within a certain distance from a school. Some of those are arbitrary and stupid. This is a clear reason that this idiot should never be anywhere near a school or small children.

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