I recently got a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as a thank you gift. Wow, do you know how much that stuff costs? How about $180 a bottle! I was extremely grateful. The last thing I would do with it is give it away as a gag or prank. It's precious, expensive, valuable stuff.

So the warning from the New Jersey Poison Control Center at Rutgers University telling parents to watch for "edibles" in your kids candy this Halloween made me laugh out loud. I don't use weed, and I won't, even when it's made legal, just because I don't like its effect on me. But I know plenty of people that do and edibles are hard to come by here and expensive.

The chances of someone giving the stuff away to random kids is like me filling little bottles of Johnny Walker Blue to give to kids when they come to my door. It ain't gonna happen. Maybe it's more of the lingering "reefer madness" hysteria that has resurfaced since talk of legalized recreational weed is in the news every day.

Sure, check your kids candy and toss or report anything that looks suspicious or dangerous to authorities. But if you find edible marijuana in their candy, it's proof you have some pretty stupid neighbors.

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