🔴 A PA state police helicopter searched the Lehigh River on Tuesday

🔴 There is concern Daniel Lee may harm himself based on behavior before he disappeared

🔴 Anyone with information about Lee should contact Campus Safety at 610-758-4200

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania — A helicopter was used as part of the ongoing search for a missing Lehigh University student from East Hanover as concern grows about his well-being prior to his disappearance.

Daniel Lee, a second-year engineering student has not been seen since Friday. Lehigh University police, which are investigating along with Bethlehem police, do not suspect foul play but there is concern that Lee may have hurt himself.

The concern came from "information received from others regarding his behavior prior to his disappearance," Bethlehem police Capt. Nicholas Lechman told New Jersey 101.5.

Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee (Lehigh University police)

🔎 Physical and electronic searches

The search on Tuesday took place along the Lehigh River which flows six blocks north of the Lehigh campus.

"Police are following available leads and tips that are reported and continuing their search efforts through all means, including electronic," Nathan Urban, Lehigh's Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs wrote in a message to the campus community.

"Even as we begin a new semester this week, Daniel, his family, and those close to him are at the forefront of our hearts and minds," Urban said.

East Hanover Police Chief Christopher Cannizzo said his department is working with law enforcement and is “maximizing every effort between agencies and all local disciplines.”

Lee was last seen wearing a gray shirt with red sleeves, black-and-white athletic-type pants, and black sneakers.

University police asked anyone with information about Lee to contact Campus Safety at 610-758-4200.

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