I get so sick of middle-aged to old people bashing millennials. Who do you geniuses think raised them?! Need a hint, look in the mirror. I'm sure they feel the same about the generation that came after, also known as Generation Z. The fact is we have less youth crime than we did decades ago, and teenagers smoke less, they drink less, they have sex less than their parents did. The perception is young people have gotten worse when in fact they behave better than previous generations.

Here's one for all the get-off-my-lawners out there who think America is going to hell and that teenagers today are all lazy and no good. A New Jersey teenager did not just walk on when he was coming home from school and heard a strange sound. It was coming from a sewer. A faint whining led him to investigate and found it was a missing 16-year-old blind Chihuahua that the Hamilton Township neighborhood had been searching for for three days.

15-year-old Anthony Malagrino didn't hesitate. He pulled the sewer cover off and went in to rescue Peanut, the lost pooch. Peanut's owner was so elated he ran out of the house with no shoes to get to his found friend. He immediately took the dog to the vet who said Malagrino had come along just in time. The Chihuahua's body temperature was dangerously low and its organs were beginning to shut down.

Peanut is now recovering. Anthony received a very sweet thank you card from the owner who called himself Peanut's "dad" along with a reward.

So I know this doesn't help the ornery guy who wants to disparage younger people as being less moral than him as a means to look back on his own life more fondly. Sorry for that. The fact is teens today are a better lot than generations past. You don't have to chase them off your lawn. They probably aren't on it to begin with.

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