Sometimes I get nostalgic when I talk about the Great Adventure contest we're running on New Jersey 101.5 where you can win free passes to ride the "Jersey Devil" coaster.

You see before I started working in radio, I spent 5 years at Great Adventure when it first opened. Here's what it looked like in 1974.

I came in the following year when my high school friends, including Glenn Stuart from the B-Street band, decided to cut school and apply for jobs figuring they'd let us in for free if we did so.

I was the one who actually went in and applied.

My first job at Great Adventure was the "lead" of what they called Operational Services. That meant I had to supervise eight guys who made sure the garbage cans were emptied. I was in charge of the Western Area where the Great Arena was.

We threw the bags in dumpsters and then pushed them into a compactor behind the Ginger Bread Castle. I also got to drive the chicken into the park where I escorted him while he greeted the fans.


My next job was also a "lead" on a ride called The Rotor. It was a giant washing machine that spun around pinning you to the wall then I'd hit a button and the floor would drop out from under you.

Sometimes people would puke all over their shirts.

After that, it was onto the Puppet Theatre, where Sandi David and I would stay in a giant air-conditioned piano and put on 15-minute puppet shows once an hour.

Here we are with our supervisor Mark.

attachment-ga sandi mark

Finally, it was onto the Aqua Spectacle where I was the supervisor for the diving and dolphin shows. In between shows we got to swim with the dolphins. Here I am playing chess with one of them (and losing in the "fools mate").


Much later when I left, a young Dan Zarrow came aboard.

From Dan Zarrow:

"Here's a certain Chief Meteorologist working as Rolling Thunder lead in 2002. Spent 5 summers at the park, mainly in Rides. I operated Rotor (then known as Taz Twister) too!"

attachment-GA Zarrow

Dan continues to write about Great Adventure to this day.

What I loved most about working at Great Adventure were all the friends I made and keep to this day. It was like getting another chance at high school. Imagine a couple of thousand people mostly between the ages of 17 and 22 working together in a giant amusement park.

Let the party begin! And it did.

Here are some more shots of early Great Adventure; enjoy!

attachment-ga raggedy anne and andy
attachment-ga the wizard
attachment-ga ride

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