For today’s #BlueFriday, I wanted to switch gears and recognize two police departments in our great state for not buying into the outrageous and unconstitutional orders from Gov. Phil Murphy.

The cops in Clementon and Hillsborough did what we’ve been talking about for months. They practiced smart discretion when faced with issuing summons for non-compliance with the governor’s shutdown. Unlike the cops in Bellmawr, where a gym patron was arrested and the government came down hard on the local gym that opened, cops in Hillsborough told the gym owner of Newell Strength and cops in Clementon simply told a pastor that they were in violation, and then went about their business.

The bottom line is we have spent the past five years building a great relationship between community members and cops. The governor chose to ignore science and medical professionals by extending the lockdown. The governor chose to put cops in the precarious position of having to enforce something that most cops know is only serving to disrupt community relations and hurt people. The extended lockdown is an outrageous infringement on our economic, religious and individual freedoms.

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