NEWARK — Who says crime never sleeps?

Police on Monday found the Subaru that had been carjacked on Christmas from an Uber driver. And inside, they found a man catching some shut-eye.

Bishaun Y. Williams, 19, has been charged with receiving stolen property — but not with robbery — after police were called after midnight Monday by a citizen who reported that someone was trying to steal a gray Subaru from the area of Jelliff and Avon avenues on the border of the South and Central wards.

Police said the Subaru was stolen the previous evening at 6:15 from Badger Avenue and West Runyon Street, where an Uber driver was robbed at gunpoint by two men.

The Uber driver had been sent to the location by a woman user of the ride-sharing app, but the two men met him instead, police said. After the driver accepted the pair as passengers, they robbed him of his cash, wallet, cell phone and 2005 Subaru Impreza, police said.

Anyone with more information about the robbery is asked to call the police department's confidential 24-hour Crime Stoppers’ tip line 877-695-8477 or 877-695-4867.

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