Money Magazine listed the best towns to live in and, once again, Jersey made the list.

Taking into account factors such as cost of living, education, housing and crime, the magazine named Parsippany-Troy Hills as the 26th best place to live in the United States in 2018.  Union Township in Union County made the list at No. 43.

These make sense to us. But of course, we had to put the question to our listeners. And of course, they have their own opinions.

Here’s what the top seven towns turned out to be, according to our listeners, and the characteristics that make those towns so great.


Open space, rural feel, and accessibility to neighboring towns and business.


For its low crime, and friendly people.

Hopewell Township

Affordability and lack of development.


With no school, no police force, and lots of land, it remains relatively inexpensive even with expansive properties.


For its quaint downtown and magnificent beach.


With no school buses and a grid layout, it’s an easy town to navigate.


A city within a city, yet with a small town feel and accessibility to New York City and the shore.

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