New Jersey tops the list of most stressed out state according to the The website culled information from the US Census and included the following criteria: commute times, unemployment, hours worked, population density, home price to income ratio, and percent of the population that is uninsured. As soon as you see “commute times” and “population density,” you know that New Jersey is going to rank pretty high. New Jersey’s high income to price ratio also plays a part.

Following us in the top ten are: Georgia, Florida, California, New York, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and Mississippi. For what its worth, Pennsylvania is 26th and Delaware is 24th. It’s kind of surprising how many southern states are on the list. Maybe all those New Jerseyans who are moving out in droves should avoid North Carolina and Florida if they want to avoid stressing out, although not as much as in the Garden State.

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