It was a great pleasure to host my friend Doug Forrester this morning on the show to discuss a hugely successful non-profit dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs in NJ.

Rising Tide Capital is a private group that has helped educate and empower nearly 2,000 young entrepreneurs over the years.  We also met Raquel Clark who was a recipient of a $5,000 award last year to help expand her small start up.  Her success story has been repeated by dozens of award winners and business school graduates through the help and support of Rising Tide.  Think you have the next strong business idea?  Enter the "Start Something Challenge" at and enter to win.

You could be one of ten finalists, four of whom will take home a cash investment for their business.  The deadline is June 30th.  The event to pick the winners will be held in Jersey City on Tuesday August 1st. Yes, I'll be on hand as a judge!

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