I was born and raised in New Jersey. So I understand good old New Jersey cynicism. If I heard some clown on the radio saying he bought a couple Powerball tickets and that he would share some of it with listeners I'd be skeptical if he really bought the tickets too. I get it. So here's the proof.

Jeff Deminski photo

Sometimes when Megamillions or in this case Powerball gets an enormous jackpot I will buy some tickets and we'll take on-air calls from some listeners who would like a $2 million cut each. The only ground rule is they have to tell us one fun thing they'd do with it. Such as John who called in to say he'd want to enter a demolition derby. Now that's cool!

The jackpot as I write this is up to $550 million with a $335 million cash option. We have your names and contact info from our Lottery Wish List hour and if the unimaginable actually happens we will let you know. Good luck to all of us!

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