In response to the high incidence of insurance fraud following Superstorm Sandy, Assemblyman Ron Dancer, R-Ocean, is introducing legislation to require the state to create a "Most Wanted List."

"It's unconscionable that there are insurance fraudsters who would take advantage of Superstorm Sandy victims," says Dancer. Yet, there are more than 100 fraudsters who have been charged but not yet brought to justice.

At least three other states — Florida, Utah and Washington — have established a most-wanted list for these insurance fraudsters.

"The list draws attention to the investigations, it heightens public awareness. These other states have found that it generates leads, it educates the public about insurance fraud," Dancer said last week.

He says once the Department of Insurance and Banking has a most wanted insurance fraud list, a lot of people on social media will re-post which hopefully will help authorities get leads.

Dancer says insurance fraud is one of the most costly financial white collar crimes in the nation — $80 billion annually, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

Besides Sandy, he says there have been other insurance frauds such as health care scams, auto insurance scams, accident stagings, homeowners and workers comp fraud and disability claims.

"We are all paying for this with high insurance premiums. It's time to crack down on insurance crimes," he said.

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