Now that we're getting a minimum wage hike in New Jersey, business owners will be faced with either raising prices or letting people go. You'll probably be seeing more self serve and self checkout counters at the local stores. One place you cannot see it though is at that gas station and it's not fair.

New Jersey is the only state in the country where it's illegal to pump your own gas 24 hours a day. Even Oregon now lets people pump in the overnight. Now you're telling the gas station owners, who are not making the money you think they are, that they have no choice but to double the salary of their workers. Where other businesses can automate certain hours, they can not. It's hard enough for these owners to find people as it is.

I've always believed we should have the choice in New Jersey of whether or not we want to pump our own gas. There are those who seem insulted by the very idea. There's no reason why you should be held hostage waiting for gas, while an overcrowded attendant tries to cover the entire crowd. Nothing like being in a rush, then pulling up to the pump only to have the person not want to come out on a cold winter's night.

Allowing us to pump our own gas will provide better service and allow the gas stations the chance to make even more money, by bringing people back in to work the convenience stores in better working conditions.

An orange cone found in front of the pump makes no money. Let's replace it with those who want to pump their own gas. You can start by getting rid of it. Are you with me?

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